Live OS

Enterprise IOT products for better ergonomics IRL

We made Live OS an ecosystem to serve three key audiences.

  1. End Users. People working in an office who could benefit from better ergonomics.
  2. Facility Managers. The people buying and maintaining furniture who want to know their investment is valuable.
  3. Human Resources Leaders. People running corporate wellness programs who want healthier outcomes.

Healthy Reminders

Neither standing all day, nor sitting all day is ideal ergonomics, so Live OS reminds users to shift posture throughout the day with haptic feedback on desk and alerts through the phone. Of course the reminder system turns itself off when users walk away from their desk or ignore several reminders in a row.

Continued Usage

Over time people often forget to use their ergonomic tools, our solution is to support a content program on company intranets, wellness programs and in regular emails tailored to each users personal activity goal.


To give Facility Managers insight into their office usage Live OS comes with a Facility Dashboard filled with anonymized usage data for groups of furnishings and meeting rooms.

My Role

I worked alongside the product team at Herman Miller on initial strategy proposals and with our conceptual design partner Fuse Projects. I lead the creative team that defined our UI style. When the project moved into production I worked alongside a talented team of Product Managers, App Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists and Designers to create the user experience of our final product.

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