Herman Miller Websites

A new international website for an American design icon

  • Link: HermanMiller.com
  • My Role: I lead the Design, UX and User Research effort
  • UI Lead: Ryan Ganss
  • UX Lead: Laurel Stanley

A primary goal of this redesign was to address mobile browsers, Our traffic was increasing on mobile platforms and our site didn't work for them. The site technology hadn't been updated for over seven years, much of the content and images were even older, which meant a major overhaul from the ground up was necessary.

Starting With Flexible Standards

We started with an audit of content, breaking it up into ideal patterns and built them into wireframes to scope with development vendors. At the same time our UI team built flexible style guide, following Atomic Design principles.

Designed to Go Global

We spent extra care crafting a design system to work in 9 languages across 16 regions.

Extended Process

This project was the culmination of years of planning, funding, and finally execution. It was truly a collaborative process with a company wide global team.

Next Project

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