Herman Miller Group Web Platform

A modular system to support a vibrant family of brands

  • My Role: I lead the Design, UX and User Research Teams
  • Design Team: Ryan Ganss, Ashley Meyer, Laurel Stanley, Caraline Visuri, Kylie Crocker, Carl Dunker, Jeremy Abrahams, Raechel McKenzie & a small army of contractors

Herman Miller Inc. has acquired a number vibrant and independent brands over the years. We were tasked with creating a centralized communication platform that preserved each brand's unique character.

Fortunately, we had created a pattern library of UX components and the beginning of a design system for the redesign of HermanMiller.com. An update of Geiger provided a chance to expand that to other companies in Herman Miller's family of brands.

Updating our Original Design System

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A Finely Crafted Communication Platform

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